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Welcome to Meishu no Yutaka's online shop! (^o^)丿

Person to person, the bond of sake.
At Meishu no Yutaka, we believe that running a sake store is not just about the process of selling sake.
As a sake store it is our duty to convey the heart and soul of sake!
This means offering sake education to all our customers, and conveying the feelings of the brewers themselves. It is our goal to bring customers from: "I don't know a thing about sake" to sake connoisseur,
while providing a fun and inspiring learning atmosphere.

・With a collection of over 400 kinds of sake, Shochu, wine and Japanese Liqueurs,
  you are sure to find your perfect bottle!

・Our knowledgeable staff are more than happy to spend the time it takes
  to help you find the "perfect sake" to fit your tastes!

Mission Statement

Meishu no Yutaka, as a member of the sake retail industry, shall be a leader in our field, and run a store that will be held as an example to our peers.


  • We shall aspire to improve ourselves, and take self initiative in every aspect of our work.
  • We shall work to understand not only our customer's needs, but also our customer's hearts.
  • We shall greet every customer with a smile.
  • We shall not just sell products, but pass on the heart behind those products.
  • We shall hold our suppliers, company, customers, and products in the highest consideration in all aspects of our work.

Our History

1901 The Store was founded in South Furano city.
1965 The store was moved to it's present location in Sapporo city.
1976 Ownership of store passed on to the 4th generation (current owner).
1982 Store was remodeled to allow for growing inventory and popularity.
1994 Store changed from family grocery/sake store to specialized sake retailer.
Company name progression:
『熊田商店』(Kumada Shouten) →『裕多加ショッピング』
(Yutaka shopping) →『銘酒の裕多加』(Meishu no Yutaka)
1st generation -  熊田  栄次 (Eiji Kumada)
2nd generation - 熊田 栄一 (Eiichi Kumada)
3rd generation - 熊田 辰美 (Tatsumi Kumada)
4th generation - 熊田 裕一 (Hirokazu Kumada)
5th generation - 熊田 理恵 (Rie Kumada)


The interior of the original store in
South Furano city.
(At this time, even pots, pans, and stovepipes where sold at the store.)


The outside of the original store,
and the surrounding area.
(The original store appears to have been located along national highway 38)



3rd generation owners
Tatsumi and Miyako


The original Kumada Shouten in Sapporo.



Kumada shouten's delivery wagon.
3rd gen. owner Tatsumi driving.


1982- The temporary side entrance to the store, while the current storefront was under construction.



The inside of the newly remodeled store. At this time the shop's name
was changed to "Yutaka Shopping." "I want to help enrich people's lives"
Was the thought that the name "Yutaka" was based upon.


Meishu no Yutaka today.